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OATH lets users enjoy perpetual rewards and immediate control of more than 35 passionate engineers and contributors across multiple protocols and DeFi ecosystems.

Pioneered by one protocol, powered by one token.

Stake $OATH to earn yield and unlock opportunities across DeFi ecosystems with OATH Chapters.

Value Driven

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on OptimismMantlePolygon

Power the first-ever decentralized licensing operation with OATH Chapters while you generate real yield.

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Endothermic by Design

Endothermic DeFi mirrors the principles of endothermic reactions in physics; wherein the ecosystem is designed to absorb and retain value from its surroundings instead of releasing it.

Intelligent rehypothecation enables the ecosystem to absorb value on behalf of users, reducing the dependency on token emissions, and improving yield and sustainability.

Forward Thinknig

Your Innovation Index Fund

OATH was created by developers for developers; built by a global team of builders passionate about building the future of DeFi.