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The Ecosystem

The OATH ecosystem is focused on providing sustainable and positive-sum infrastructure for decentralized financial markets, developing innovative protocols that aim to increase yield for users, reduce costs for developers, and minimize risk overall. The OATH token is a decentralized governance token used to manage the Reaper Farm, Ethos Finance, and Digit protocols as well as any future OATH ecosystem platforms.
Reaper.Farm is a yield aggregator that has been transformed into a highly secure asset management protocol, giving users the ability to generate yield without custodial risk. Reaper is powered by permissionless smart contract systems and managed by a network of algorithmic keeper infrastructure.
Ethos Reserve is a highly efficient stablecoin system which can take on arbitrary collateral types and rehypothecate reserve assets with Reaper’s asset management technology, resulting in competitive interest rates, longer time horizons for liquidity providers, and more income for liquidity providers.
Digit is a protocol that aims to align incentives for DeFi liquidity providers and the protocols they use. Leveraging its unique accounting system, Digit can offer the market appreciation of a high convexity bond and the decreasing duration of a low convexity bond… without the bond.

OATH Foundation

The OATH Foundation is the organization responsible for managing and developing the OATH Ecosystem. The OATH Foundation provides funding and support for the development and maintenance of the protocols within the ecosystem. The OATH Foundation also works to create and maintain a transparent and decentralized governance process, working closely with experienced contractors to ensure that each protocol operates efficiently and securely.

Our Values

It’s important that every contributor believes in the core values because it ensures that all contributions align with the overall goals and vision of the OATH ecosystem. This promotes the development and growth of the ecosystem, and helps to build trust and transparency with other members of the community.
  • Protecting & Securing: We stand guard over our community’s assets, implementing and maintaining robust security measures to protect them and maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem. Compliance with laws and regulations and following best practices for security and governance is important to us.
  • Decentralizing & Empowering: We are building a future where power is spread among all, by utilizing decentralized architecture that promotes a more secure, transparent and trustless ecosystem. Empowering users by providing them with more control over their assets and the ability to make informed decisions.
  • Inclusion & Fairness: We believe in an inclusive society where financial security is a human right, regardless of their location or socio-economic status. We are committed to developing and implementing solutions to make our products and services accessible to diverse users and creating fair opportunities for all users through transparent and decentralized governance and promoting a level playing field.
  • Passion & Hope: Driven by an unyielding passion for decentralized finance and blockchain, we bring hope to our community members for financial growth and freedom. Education is a gift which our community is always generous with. Always researching, developing and implementing new technologies and solutions to drive advancements in decentralized finance.
  • Trust & Empathy: We earn trust by being transparent in operations, decision-making and communication with the community. Building trust with our community by providing a secure and transparent infrastructure and fostering active community participation. Caring deeply about user experience and empathizing with their needs, wants and pain points.

LGE (Liquidity Generation Event)

The OATH Liquidity Generation Event offered several groundbreaking features that set it apart from traditional LGE models.

Firstly, in order to ensure the distribution of tokens to dedicated members of the community, a proof of community mechanism based on NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) has been employed. These NFTs are attached with terms and conditions, including a linear vesting period, allocation, and a discount percentage. These terms and conditions are adjusted based on the circulating supply of the NFTs, rarity, holder concentration and the size of the discount. This resulted in the ability for participants to craft unique vesting terms through their community NFTs, giving users the ability to adjust to their own desired profile. Any user without an NFT had access to a 4-year long or 90-day vesting period, all permissionless, which attracted a diverse group of contributors with varying risk appetites and strategies.

The LGE was a success, with a total raise of 9,771,967 FTM. Though the distribution of investments revealed a Gini Coefficient of 0.854 indicating a somewhat whale-heavy distribution, this does not detract from the overall success of the event. With the NFT feature and vesting terms, the LGE provided an innovative and inclusive event that was accessible to anyone.


OATH token is now available on a number of different blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Metis, BNB Smart Chain, Fantom and Kava. The OATH tokenomics have been designed to prioritize long-term growth with a total token count of 400,000,000. This is the distribution of the 400,000,000 OATH:
  • 30% for incentives is equivalent to 120,000,000 tokens
  • 20% for the Liquidity Generation Event (LGE) is equivalent to 80,000,000 tokens
  • 13.7% for initial liquidity is equivalent to 54,800,000 tokens
  • 12.6% for vested allocations to contributors is equivalent to 50,400,000 tokens
  • 11.5% for attracting new talent is equivalent to 46,000,000 tokens
  • 8.8% for market making is equivalent to 35,200,000 tokens
  • 3.5% for marketing is equivalent to 14,000,000 tokens
It is important to note that tokenomics breakdown percentages can be subject to change as per the OATH Foundation’s or Governance decisions. This page will be kept up-to-date.


The OATH Governance Specification is designed to catalyze growth in the OATH ecosystem by creating a framework for decentralized governance.
  • Phase I includes the Governance Proposal Review Committee, the OATH Governance Forum, and the Snapshot voting platform.
  • Phase II introduces a mandatory Community Delegate Election, an increase in the MIT, and a minimum number of OATH/bOATH holding wallets required to participate in a proposal vote.
All OATH contributors and users are encouraged to participate in the OATH Governance forum to transform the vision of a thriving future into a tangible reality.

Get Involved

A stakeholder can get involved in the OATH ecosystem by participating in the governance process through submitting and voting on proposals, holding OATH tokens, and by contributing to the development of the ecosystem’s decentralized applications (dApps) such as Digit, Reaper.Farm, and Ethos Reserve. In terms of governance, stakeholders can submit proposals for consideration to the Governance Proposal Review Committee (GPRC). They can also vote on proposals using the Snapshot tool. Contributors will always be available to help draft proposals and bring important developments to the community. Holding OATH tokens is also crucial for participation in the ecosystem, as it grants voting rights on governance proposals. Furthermore, stakeholders can contribute to the development of the ecosystem by providing suggestions, reporting bugs, and even developing new features or dApps, which can be integrated into the ecosystem. Here’ is a brief process for getting involved in the OATH ecosystem:
  • Learn about the OATH ecosystem: The first step in getting involved is to familiarize yourself with the goals and values of the ecosystem, as well as the existing protocols and products. You can find this information on the OATH Foundation’s website, as well as through reading the documentation for each protocol.
  • Acquire OATH tokens: Participating in the OATH ecosystem typically requires owning OATH tokens, which can be purchased on various exchanges or earned by using OATH applications.
  • Join the community: Get involved in the OATH ecosystem by joining the community, which can be found on various social media platforms like Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Reddit, etc. and participate in discussions, ask questions and follow updates.
  • Make a contribution: Once you’re familiar with the ecosystem and are a part of the community, you can start making contributions. This can include proposing new features or improvements, developing or auditing smart contract code, providing liquidity for protocols, or creating educational resources for the community.
  • Participate in governance: Token holders can participate in the governance process by voting on proposals to upgrade, improve, and expand the protocols.

Why Hold OATH?

Decentralized Governance: As a stakeholder in the OATH ecosystem, you will have a say in how the platform is run and developed. The OATH ecosystem is designed to be governed by its users, with governance decisions made through a decentralized process that is transparent and inclusive.

Community Engagement: The OATH Foundation is focused on building a vibrant and engaged community. By participating in the ecosystem, you will have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals, learn from experts in the field, and contribute to the growth of the platform.

Improved Services: By participating in OATH ecosystem, you will be able to take advantage of a wide range of services provided by the platform, from software development, incentives to other users and stakeholders, and it has enabled easy access to liquidity pools, staking, and other opportunities.

Contribution: Participating in the OATH ecosystem can also be a way for stakeholders to contribute to the growth and development of decentralized finance (DeFi) more broadly. The OATH ecosystem is focused on building a more open and inclusive financial system, and by participating, stakeholders can play a role in shaping the future of DeFi.

Acquiring OATH

OATH is accessible on both centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges. However, due to the nature of the ecosystem, it is recommended users become familiar with accessing it through decentralized networks and services to maintain self-custody and access the full range of OATH related services. The easiest way to access OATH is through an aggregator platform, since it will automatically fetch the best price across your specific network. Our common integration partner is Firebird Finance ( although you could also consider a meta-aggregator like DeFiLlama (

Bridging OATH

Content coming soon.

The Byte Masons

The Byte Masons are a development collective that specializes in creating secure and reliable smart contract infrastructure for digital finance. They have been contracted by the OATH Foundation to manage and maintain the risk parameters of the protocols within the OATH ecosystem. This includes the Ethos Reserve, Reaper.Farm, and Reliquary protocols, which are all critical components of the ecosystem.

The OATH Foundation provides the funding and support necessary for the development and maintenance of the protocols while the ecosystem developers, called Byte Masons, design, build, and implement these protocols.

The OATH Foundation earns revenue through fees applied to usage of the aforementioned smart contracts. This revenue is used to develop new protocols and features on behalf of users, as well as fund ecosystem grants, services, and business infrastructure.