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Welcome and thank you for visiting We at the OATH Foundation have prepared a short privacy policy for your review! is where we host several functions necessary for users of OATH Foundation web3 applications, including but not limited to publications (blogs, articles, docs, etc.), governance forum, important contact information, and ongoing updates on all things OATH. As our ecosystem grows, so too will our homebase at Please understand that ongoing developments and the relevant changes to our privacy policy and ToS will always be updated and collected in our published policies and that continued visitation and usage of implies consent to the terms outlined in our policies.

Applications (“the Website”) is a standard website with no blockchain connectivity at this time, if you are curious about how we handle data collection and privacy for OATH Foundation Web3 applications, please visit their respective privacy policy pages, links can be found below. The following terms and conditions of usage of the Website are exclusive to the Website and should not be misconstrued as terms and conditions for any applications associated with the OATH Foundation.

Data Collection

The Website employs very limited data collection measures, and thus currently there is no collection nor intention to collect in the future any personal identifying information such as names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, tax id numbers, or any information or detail on visitors’ private or personal information. However, the Website does employ third-party integrations which collect and aggregate anonymized usage information so that OATH Foundation can better understand how users interact with the Website. It is important to note that OATH Foundation and its websites and applications use social media to connect with users, this social media includes but is not limited to Discord servers and Twitter accounts. Users who choose to engage with these communication channels consent to the potential collection of account details in so far as those details are publicly available, and to the processing of data regarding their engagement with those communication channels. OATH Foundation, and associated web3 applications are not strictly businesses, but the business intelligence metrics available to OATH Foundation through these social medias helps us to evolve how we interact with our communities and to deliver more appropriate information to users at large. Some of this information may be shared with advertisers and partners, or with relevant authorities if OATH Foundation must comply with legal actions.

Third Party Integrations

The Website may integrate with third-party services that in some cases collect user data. While care has been taken to choose reputable third parties, it is important to note that they operate outside the liability of OATH Foundation and the Website and in the event of a security breach under the third-party integration, OATH Foundation may not be held responsible. You can find a list of current integrations which are employed below:

1. Google Analytics (

  • The Website employs Google Analytics for the purposes of collecting aggregated and anonymized usage data that does not personally identify users.
  • Data collected may include but is not limited to information about a user’s internet service provider, operating system, browser type, IP address, visit frequency/activity, and web page requests.
  • Google Analytics uses cookies to collect this information without personally identifying users. Many browsers offer an “opt out” of cookie collection, you may find current information about blocking and/or deleting cookies by searching your preferred browser.

Please review the privacy policies of these third-party integrations to understand how they handle your data. To reiterate, by using the Website, you acknowledge and consent to the collection, storage, and processing of your data by these third-party integrations in accordance with their respective privacy policies.

Security Measures

Currently there is no requirement for Know Your Customer (“KYC”) features on the Website. As such, the only information which is stored, collected, and processed is information obtained through third-party integrations. Standard security measures are employed to safeguard collected information held in the dashboards of third-party applications. OATH Foundation reserves the right to share information collected with advertisers and partners as deemed necessary, or with relevant authorities if OATH Foundation must comply with legal actions.

Updates to Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be updated periodically to reflect any changes in our data handling practices or legal requirements. It is your responsibility to review this policy regularly. By continuing to use the Website after any updates, you imply consent to the revised terms and conditions.