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A sustainable, thriving ecosystem of multi-chain DeFi protocols.

OATH lets users enjoy perpetual rewards and immediate control of more than 50 passionate engineers and contributors across multiple protocols and DeFi ecosystems.

Pioneered by one protocol, powered by one token.

Aurelius Finance

Expanding the realms of Mantle DeFi

Capital needs to be liquid to flow. Aurelius turns your capital into liquid gold. Mint aUSD against premium assets or borrow against a variety of assets in Aurelius' optimized lending market. Tap your portfolio's dormant potential with Aurelius.

Digit Finance

Get rewarded for investment longevity

Time is valuable and Digit compensates accordingly. Create a Digit NFT and earn rewards that scale over time. Deposit select assets and get your time's worth.

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Ethos Reserve

Interest-free loans Personal sovereignty

Ethos Reserve lets you lend without limits. Enjoy zero-interest loans, best-in-class efficiency and easy access to a whole ecosystem of opportunity from one application.

Reaper Farm

Compound rewards by doing nothing

Deposit, reap, repeat. Reaper's automated vault strategies allow you to compound rewards for dozens of assets across Optimism, Fantom, Arbitrum and BSC. Grow your positions in your sleep at Reaper Farm.

New Optimism Vaults